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Dying of old and disease-free.

Dying of old and disease-free. 

Dying of old and disease-free. This theory has succeeded in transforming it into my new reality. When at 60 years old I could not walk 100 meters, or speak 10 minutes, I felt to die on 2 or 3 occasions for lack of energy.
Who would say that if it was very constant and dominate what by "causality" came to my hands, The Tachyonic Energy Healing Table (pyramidal) based on quantum physics.
Which was practiced by pharaohs seated in armchairs of the ancient Egyptian, that and much more is possible, even if it is difficult to believe it.
Now, Dying of old and disease-free; Observe all the sufferings he had, (some in the medicine were incurable).

I was bald, wore eyeglasses for everything, flat feet, operation on the left meniscus and the other to operate.
The eyelids due to family inheritance, with problems of hernia hiatus, stomach, liver, prostate, frequent nocturnal urination and incontinence.
As also, blood circulation, sciatic nerve damage throughout my life and constant muscle injuries.
I presented memory loss, muscle mass due to physical inactivity and a lot of time with medical treatments and pills.
That situation led me to a deplorable anemic state, with no hope of a solution, as many patients believe they have written their last chapter.
Life does not stop surprising me, it brings me and it takes me to its whim, I have learned  accept and let myself go, and every time new and unimaginable doors open to me.
I've lived on 3 continents and I do not know where I'll end up, healthy, hoping to Dying of old and disease-free.

Therefore, in this period of almost 10 years of intensive practice with more than 12,000 hours, I have been able to cure each and every one of the mentioned organs.
After completing the process, although I continue to experiment and improve, I started practicing sports more than a year ago, including running recently.
I regained muscle mass and strength when I was 40-50 years old, and the elasticity of 25 years,  regained my appetite and the desire to travel I had lost
The scars and the wrinkles of the face disappeared, I stopped using the glasses that I used for 15 years and I am finishing the total hair growth.
I can accredit myself with medical reports. I have verified the amount of lies and half-truths that society and medicine reveal as true.
If you constantly recover from any physical anomaly that exceeds the entropy, Dying of old and disease-free. 

Visit my social networks Will I inform you a little more about what it is about. Encourage yourself to heal, you deserve your chance.

You have to acquire consciousness.

Antonio Fornieles. 

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